Healthy sleep: evidence and guidelines for action. Official document of the Spanish Sleep Society.

Merino-Andreu M, Alvarez-Ruiz de Larrinaga A, Madrid-Perez JA, Martinez-Martinez MA, Puertas-Cuesta FJ, Asencio-Guerra AJ, Romero Santo-Tomas O, Jurado-Luque MJ, Segarra-Isern FJ, Canet-Sanz T, Gimenez-Rodriguez P, Teran-Santos J, Alonso-Alvarez ML, Garcia-Borreguero Diaz-Varela D, Barriuso-Esteban B. Rev Neurol. 2016 Oct 3;63(s02):1.

One of the main objectives of the Spanish Sleep Society is to promote healthy sleep in both the general population and in health professionals. This document aims to conduct a review of the current scientific literature on sleep habits that can serve as the basis on which to establish a set of general recommendations, regarding healthy sleep, for use by the general population in Spain as well as to identify the main challenges faced by research into sleep habits. The document has been developed by a multidisciplinary team made up of members of the Spanish Sleep Society who are experts in paediatric sleep medicine, clinical neurophysiology, pulmonology, neurology, chronobiology, physiology and psychology. The existing scientific literature dealing with sleep habits in the general population was reviewed, and the following aspects were addressed: the current state of sleep habits in the Spanish population; a generic review of the optimum number of hours of sleep; the impact of the environmental setting (noise, temperature, illumination, etc.), hours of sleep, diet and sport, together with several specific sections for children and teenagers, shift-workers and drivers of different vehicles. The conclusions from all the aspects addressed in this document have resulted in a set of final general recommendations that will serve as a guide for the general population and health professionals. Likewise, the principal environmental challenges and future lines of research are also discussed.

Ventana Cientifica. Noviembre 2016. Artículo 184
Healthy sleep: evidence and guidelines for action. Official document of the Spanish Sleep Society.


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